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To the Muslim Ummah all over the world, we are making available for free access one of the best works we have developed so far at the Islamic Education Trust, a totally free course, as a way of showing gratitude for Allah's rahmah on us all along the long journey.

Sheikh Lemu King Fahd Award

Our Focus


The Islamic Education Trust (IET), through the Dawah Institute of Nigeria (DIN). works on developing materials and training resources towards promoting inter and intra-faith peaceful co-existence as well as the prevention of violent extremism both in urban and rural areas in different parts of the world. The trainees undergo Personal Development and Leadership course to empower them to take leadership roles in their various communities.

Through the DIN Research and Training Unit, the IET developed its signature course - the Train-the-Trainers Course in Islam and Dialogue for Peaceful Coexistence fondly called the "TTC". The organisation also published an introductory book called the Shariah Intelligence, developed from a course of the same name to portray the tools of Islamic Jurisprudence and how to use them to achieve peace. You can learn more about it at the by following this link.


​Our foremost commitment to human development has inspired us to take the education of the next generation of Muslims more serious. This commitment has earned one of our schools the Best Muslim Schools in Africa. Award.

To ensure a balanced dose of moral and intellectual development for Muslim children, the Islamic Education Trust established three standard model schools - the New Horizons Nursery and Primary School (NHNP) in Minna, the Sunrise International Primary School (SIPS) in Abuja, and the New Horizons College (NHC) in Minna.

Each of our schools is among the most respected schools in the country. Learn more about the New Horizons College which was nominated the best Muslim school in Africa.


The Islamic Education Trust (IET), has helped many people at different levels of needs find solutions to their individual challenges across West Africa especially in Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leon, Chad, Niger and Cameroon, all through the Development Initiatives of West Africa (DIWA). Through DIWA, IET has helped refurbish from grounds up the Minna Orphanage, and even sponsor the education of some of the orphans.

With the Girls Identified for Training, Education and Development (GIFTED), program developed by DIWA, the IET has provided full university level scholarships to 10 underprivileged girls from northern Nigeria.


We believe the problem of the world is too big to contain. So we open our doors to work with like-minded organisations within our domain.

We are a member organisation of the Dawah Co-Ordinating Council of Nigeria (DCCN). We also work with some peace-minded Christian organisations on a variety of interfaith initiatives to solve our social and communal challenges.

We have also worked with organisation like the Ihsan Foundation, helping them execute some welfare projects across West Africa.

​The Islamic Education Trust has also partnered with some international organisations to develop some vital scriptural documents. Our roles in those partnerships have mostly been that of technical contributors from the Islamic perspectives.


Alh Arzika

Chairman, SMAB

Alh.Arzika Rimau

A teacher and administrator. Presently the Director General of the Islamic Education Trust (IET) National Headquarters, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria; Member and Secretary of Board of Trustees of Islamic Education Trust. Read more

Nuru Lemu

Director Research and Training

Sheikh Nuru Lemu

From his teenage years, he came to the realisation that his calling in life is to address some of the challenges that face our society. Read more 

Alh. Mustafa Mas'ood, NHC Principal

Principal, New Horizon College

Alh. Mustafa Mas'ood

He is the head of Education for the Islamic Education Trust and the coordinator of all its schools, and the Principal of New Horizons College Minna. Read more

Alh. Ibrahim Yahya

Director, Liaison Office

Alh. Ibrahim Yahya

The Director, IET Liaison Services. He is an alumnus of the University of Ilorin as well as Da’wah Academy, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Read more

Alh. Abdurahim

Director, Dawah Grass Roots

Alh. Abdurahim Sulaiman

The National Director of Public Enlightenment at the Grassroots, he has spent all his working life with the IET where he held various posts to date which includes that of an Administrative Secretary, Headteacher, Principal, and Training Facilitator. Read more

Dr Mujahid

Director, Resource Department

Dr. Mujahid A. S. Ameenuddeen

A trained teacher, Mathematician and Da’wah worker. Coordinator, General Administration and Resource Management Department of the IET; Member of Senior Management Advisory Board of IET. Read more

Aliyu Magagi

Secretary, SMAB

Aliyu Magaji

Secretary of SMAB and Head of Welfare Unit of the Islamic Education Trust (IET). He was also Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Federal Government Investigation Panel on 2011 Post Election Violence and Civil Disturbances. Read more

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